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Fadia Mendelek participates this year in the region’s prominent wedding exhibition- IWED

The 7th edition of International wedding exhibition and Fashion show, most popularly known as ‘IWED’ has welcomed Fadia Mendelek as one of its exhibitors in the event. The IWED exhibition is slated to take place from June...
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Fadia el Mendelek is now proud to welcome you ladies in her new branch in Abu Dhabi: ِAddress: Villa Number 3, Sector 35, Unit ID 15-2 West, Street Al Karama, Abu Dhabi Island, POBOX 112357, Telephone : 00974 (0) 24446660 -...
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Dear Visitors

Dear likers, We would like to inform and advise you that we are not responsible or linked to the following pages ( facebook “FadiaElMendelekUAE” & Twitter “@FadiaElMendelekUAE” ). The only official pages for Fadia El...
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Video of Fadia El Mendelek in IWED 2013

Check Out this wonderful Video of Fadia El Mendelek Performing in IWED 2013 EXHIBITION  https://vimeo.com/68511675 Note: copy the link above and paste it in your browser. Enjoy.
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زبائنا الكرام

زبائنا الكرام ستتواجد فاديا المندلق في صالون فاديا المندلق في منطقه ازغوى.الاربعاء/ الخميس تاريخ ٢٩-٣٠ (مايو )هذا الشهر مع أجد...
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To the world's mothers Happy Mothers Day.
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Women’s International Day.

Watch FADIA EL MENDELEK Live tonight on LBC international in B Beirut program at 19:30 in the occasion of Women's International Day. Happy Women's Day.
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Fadia El Mendelek in Falköping magazine: a Success story

Named after the Swedish city of Falköping, Falköping magazine recently paid tribute to Fadia El Mendelek by featuring a full-page article about the famous Swedish-Lebanese hairstylist and makeover artist. Having pursued her s...
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هيك… تكون الموضة

تمتلك طاقة نادرة، خطواتها واقعية تحاكي الخيال الأنيق، تسلحت بحبّها للفنّ فتربعت على عرش النجومية حتى أصبحت رمزاً من رموز ال...
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Makeover Tips

Keep your Hair Healthy

1. Remember to wear a hat or a cap to protect your hair against the damaging effects of the sun. 2. If you are planning to stay long in the sun, use a protective sunscreen on your hair. 3. Try using sun hair repair masks aft...

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